HPE ENGAGE & GROW Terms & Conditions


The HPE ENGAGE & GROW Program (hereinafter called the "Program") is offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (hereinafter called "HPE") in the Asia Pacific region and incentivizes the representative of the Partner with reward points (“hereinafter called “Points”) which will be redeemable with gifts (hereinafter called "Rewards").

    1. “Partners” include HPE Partner Ready Resellers with Platinum Partner EG / Gold Partner EG / Silver Partner EG / Business Partner EG membership who have a valid HPE Partner Agreement (“PA”) and purchase HPE products directly from HPE or from an authorized HPE distributor for resale to end-user customers residing in the Asia Pacific Region.
    2. “Participants” are partner administrators, sales representatives and pre – sales representatives employed by Partners located in the Asia Pacific region, who fulfill the below registration process.
    1. The Participants can register online at HPE Partner Ready Portal (https://partner.hpe.com) for a HPE Passport account before signing in at HPE ENGAGE & GROW site (https://apjrewards.hpe.com).
    2. There is no joining fee. HPE has the sole discretion to grant membership for the Program. HPE’s decision shall be final and binding on the parties.
    3. Upon successful enrolment in the Program, Participants must use their HPE Passport to sign in to the Program to submit their invoice details, check account status, verify transactions, claim and redeem their Points.
    4. For security purposes, it is recommended that Participants do not divulge their HPE Passport credentials to any other person. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to ensure the security of their User ID. Participants are advised to update their password every 2 months.
    5. HPE is entitled to act on instructions received under a Participant’s HPE Passport.
    6. HPE does not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss, claims, damages or expenses arising out of its acting under any instructions, including but not limited to any credits or debits made to a Participant’s account, placed by another individual using the Participant' User ID, and the modification, change or deletion of any personal information of the owner of the User ID.
    7. Upon enrolment in the Program, all entries become the property of HPE. Participants irrevocably authorize HPE to retain, use and distribute any information/ materials generated by or relating to the Program for the purposes of facilitating the Program.
    8. If a Partner opts out of the Program, the Participants will be automatically disqualified from participating in the Program. However, a Participant may also opt out of the Program at any time by contacting the HPE ENGAGE & GROW support team in writing at support@hpereward.com and Clause H(4) of the Terms and Conditions will be applicable. Any outstanding claim submissions within the preceding 48 hours and future claim submissions will become ineligible for rewards.
    9. Partners and Participants will be required to confirm their acceptance of the Program Terms and Conditions on an annual basis, or every time the Program Terms and Conditions are updated, as a condition for continued participation in the Program.
    1. Participants must have an active HPE Partner Ready Portal User Account. Participants may only register using a company email domain account.
    2. Email domains such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL etc. will not be honored.
    3. Participant must submit a prior written approval to HPE from their management that states that Participant is approved to participate in the Program and potentially receive a Reward directly from HPE.
    1. Program benefits are intended to provide Participants an incentive for selling eligible HPE products, and are not intended to be retained by, or repaid to, the Partner employing the Participant, such Partner’s officers, or other ineligible employees.
    2. The Program is also not a rebate program and rewards are not intended to be used to be retained by Partner to reduce end-user price, to increase margin or to achieve any purpose other than incentivizing the sale of HPE products by Participants.
    3. Any Points earned by a Participant cannot be used to offset or reduce in any way any outstanding payment owed by such Participant or the Partner Entity to HPE.
    4. Deal registrations and sales involving public sector customers are excluded.
    5. Only sales made to end customers from the commercial sector for business use shall be eligible for Points. Sales made for resale purposes or direct sales made to individual customers shall not be eligible for any Points.
    6. Program Rewards are available to the Participant(s) that actively participate in the closing of eligible product sales.
    7. Participant must be an employee of the Partner at the time of the event and/or receipt of the reward in order to claim the Reward.
    8. Termination of a Partner’s PA will result in the automatic termination of Program participation for all Participants employed by Partner.
    1. HPE or HPE designated agent or HPE affiliate will audit the Participant's invoice claims and gift redemption claims. HPE reserves the right to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of all claims and gift redemptions in relation to the Program, and to request any additional documentary proof including, but not limited to, certified true copies of invoices with manager signature, original copies of invoices and the serial number of products from the Participants at any time for audit purposes.
    2. All sales with special discounts given by HPE ("Big Deals") shall not be eligible for any Points or any benefits or awards under the Program and all invoices in relation to Big Deals received shall accordingly be rejected. The Program accepts all sell through transactions’ MCCs except for M04, M15R, M72B, M72G, M79. HPE reserves the right to revoke and cancel any Points awarded previously if it is subsequently found to have been awarded (in whole or in part) as a result of Big Deals, and the Participant’s account balance will then be adjusted accordingly.
    3. Copies of invoices may be submitted under this Program but is not required for transactional rewards and project rewards. Should there be a submission, invoices must contain the following information, failing which claims made in relation thereto may be rejected:
      • Customer name and personal details
      • Invoice Number
      • Invoice Date
      • HPE Part Number
      • Product Name or Description.
      • Quantity Sold
    4. Should any Participant be in doubt as to whether any sale made is eligible for Points or any benefits under the Program, he/she should consult his/her HPE Partner Business Manager.
    5. The claim approval process will commence upon receipt of all sell-out information (invoice information without PDF document), and upon HPE being satisfied on the completeness, correctness and accuracy of information contained in said submission.

    With reference to a Participant’s Reward journey, the stage/reward status is as follows:


    Status Name

    Before Event


    Status Name
    After Event



    ST Transaction added to platform

    Rewards Available

    Available Points


    Rewards Available

    Member submits sell out information

    Rewards Earned

    Earned Points


    Rewards Earned

    Member earns the Minimum Required Badge(s), and clicks the "Collect" button on the Collect Rewards page

    Rewards Awarded

    Awarded Points


    Rewards Awarded

    After month+1 validation period after HPE AP approval, points are credited into members' accounts and available for redemption.

    Rewards Issued

    Issued Points


    Rewards Issued

    When member utilizes Issued Points by:
    a. Redemeeing item from catalogue
    b. Or transferring to Debit Card

    Rewards Redeemed

    Redemeed Points


    Rewards Redeemed

    When member does not utilize Issued Points past 5 months from date of issue.

    Rewards Expired

    Expired Points


    Rewards Available

    No sell out info submitted past the 6-month rolling period.

    Rewards Lapsed

    Lapsed Points

    1. Participants’ quarterly Rewards earnings are capped at 5,000 points. The quarterly cap is based on claim approval date, not transaction or sale date.
      • Participants may not claim program Rewards in excess of 5,000 points during any given quarter, unless otherwise specified by HPE.
    2. Claims that are submitted once the quarterly cap has been reached will be denied.
    3. Caps listed on the ENGAGE & GROW site within the eligible SKU list may also cap a maximum eligible quantity to be claimed per end user invoice. The invoice total sales may exceed the Cap quantity, but claims will be accepted and rewarded only up to the Cap amount, and subject to the total quarterly cap.
    4. Duplicate or separate claims for the same invoice will not be accepted.
    5. Altered or fraudulent invoices will not be honored and will be submitted to HPE Legal for further action.
    1. Individual Participants must enter reward claims (Claims) online and submit required backup documentation on or before thirty (30) days from the date of the end-user customer invoice. The Participant submitting the documentation supporting a Claim may redact pricing or other customer confidential information which is not relevant to HPE’s review of the documentation for compliance with Program terms.
    2. Should a submitted claim contain incorrect information, it is the responsibility of the Participant to correct and resubmit the claim. Participant being the designated administrator or the partner sales rep, or any other individual assigned the task of submitting ENGAGE & GROW claims.
    3. All claims must be submitted or disputed no later than 60 days from the original claim submission deadline. If raised after 60 days from the original claim submission deadline, no review or exceptions will be honored.
    4. Submitting false, fraudulent, or misleading information in connection with the Program may result in adverse actions including, but not limited to, the reversal and or repayment of awarded reward points, the termination of Program participation and/or the Partner’s Partner Agreement with HPE.
    5. All sales invoices’ information submitted by the Participant must be of his/her own sales claim. HPE reserves the right to reject/withhold Points if any information at hand gives rise to any doubt.
    6. HPE reserves the right to reject claims where any invoice in relation to such claims contains any hand-marked or written information.
    7. All invoice information submitted shall be kept by HPE for verification purposes only, and the same shall be kept in strict confidence.
    1. All Participants are expected to log into the ENGAGE & GROW site on a regular basis to remain active. If a Participant has not logged into the ENGAGE & GROW website for 180 days (6 months), the account will be considered “inactive” and the Points earned will expire and will no longer be available for redemption.
      1. Participants must log into their ENGAGE & GROW account to remain active.
      2. Rewards that are generated by administrative adjustment, claim sharing, administrator claim management and/or promotional earnings do not fulfill the “active participant” requirement.
      3. Inactivity notices will be issued by automated email to the participant; however, HPE is not responsible for lost, misdirect, misread or unread notices.
    2. Upon redemption of Issued Points on the Program website, a notice containing the details of redemption will be sent by e-mail to the Participants immediately.
    3. Points are valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Points once expired, cannot be reissued.
    4. Participants have sixty (60) days from date of termination of their employment with a Partner to redeem any rewards earned and available.
    5. Rewards may not be transferred between Participants. After sixty (60) days, Participant accounts and associated Rewards for that Partner will be terminated, unless Participant reenrolls under another authorized active HPE partner.
    6. HPE reserves the right to add or delete any Reward offering in the ENGAGE & GROW Rewards Store on the Program website.
    7. No guarantee is made with respect to availability of any specific Reward.
    8. All product Rewards are covered by the product manufacturer’s warranty.
    9. HPE will not accept returns or provide replacement for Rewards. There are no cash substitutions available. Delivery of Rewards may take 4-6 weeks.
    10. HPE is not responsible for lost, damaged, delayed or misdirected reward redemptions, prizes and their related documentation. This includes but is not limited to, MasterCard reward cards and Rewards Store redemptions.
    11. It is the responsibility of the Partner and Participant to ensure their profile and shipping address and account details are current for delivery and reception of program communications.
    12. The Participant must notify HPE’s Program Support Team support@hpereward.com in writing within 8 weeks of the Claim date if a Reward has not been received or has been received in error or the Reward is damaged.
      1. HPE will not review any such claims after the 8-week timeframe has lapsed.
    13. To allow shipping and handling of the Reward, redemption made by the Participant as well as their personal information and shipping details will be shared with Reward suppliers as necessary for fulfillment purposes.
    14. HPE will perform random audits of submitted claims. HPE reserves the right to audit information provided in registration and the supporting documentation for all claims made under the Program by any Partner and/or Participant.
    15. Partners must keep documentation in support of all Program claims on file for a period of at least two (2) years.
    16. Partners must submit all requested documentation/information within seven (7) business days from date of audit notification. Audits may consist of, but may not be limited to, validating product quantities, product numbers, serial numbers (where serialized), invoice number(s), and eligible sales representatives.
    17. Travel Rewards under the Program shall be subject to availability and the rules and regulations, policy and conditions of carriage of the airline providing such reward. To the extent permitted by local law, HPE shall not be liable for any liability, claims, loss, damages, charges or expenses incurred in relation to any delay and/or additional charge imposed in relation to any travel Rewards.
    18. HPE shall have the right to any final and conclusive decision in relation to any disputes arising out of or concerning the Program, including, without limitation, disputes over Points redemption and Rewards under the Program. The recipients of Rewards made under the Program may be subject to local taxation laws, and where, for any reason, tax is imposed on any benefits or Rewards granted under the Program, the recipient of such benefits or Rewards shall be solely responsible for settlement of such tax.
    19. Installation of all electrical or electronic Rewards redeemed shall be the Participants’ sole responsibility and at its own cost.
    20. To the extent permitted by local law, HPE shall not in any way be liable for any liability, claims, loss, damages or expenses arising out of or in relation to any death, personal injury or other damage to any person or any damage to property (real or personal) howsoever caused in relation to Rewards redeemed by Members under the Program.
    1. HPE reserves the right to modify or remove eligible products from the program, at any time, as well as any and all other terms and conditions of the sales incentive initiatives implemented under the Program.
    2. HPE reserves the right to modify or remove rewards upon discovering that Points earned was based on fraudulent activity, data entry error or other error in the Reward process.
    3. HPE reserves the right to modify, remove quantities and caps upon discovering a data entry error, reflecting, incorrect data and or miscommunicated information has been identified.
    4. HPE reserves the right to honor or not honor claims submitted against the incorrect data. HPE has the right to all final decisions.
    5. Information contained on the ENGAGE & GROW site will be the sole source of information for the Program. In the event of a conflict between any Program information contained in the ENGAGE & GROW website and that contained in other sources or collateral documents, the information contained in the ENGAGE & GROW website will take precedence.
    6. Rewards provided under this Program may be subject to taxation and reporting, pursuant to applicable local laws. Each Participant who receives a reward is solely and directly responsible for any tax liabilities (including tax withholdings and employment taxes), social security and insurance contributions, tax implications, and tax reporting, arising from or under this Program. HPE shall not have any liability for taxes (including tax withholdings and employment taxes), social security and insurance contributions, or tax reporting arising from or under this Program
    7. All third-party marks are property of their respective owners.
    8. HPE, its affiliates, subsidiaries, parent corporations, and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents and any and all internet servers and access provider(s) are not responsible for: any incorrect or inaccurate entry information; human error; technical malfunctions or defects of computer systems or websites utilized in the Program, theft, tampering, destruction, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of entries; data processing that is processed late or incorrectly or is incomplete or lost; and any entries that are late, lost, incomplete, misdirected, stolen, mutilated or illegible. Submitting false, fraudulent, or misleading information in connection with the Program may result in adverse actions including, but not limited to, in disqualification from this Program, future HPE Programs, and civil or criminal liability to the submitter. HPE reserves the right to audit information provided in registration and the supporting documentation for all claims made under this Program.
    9. For the purposes of this Program, HPE cannot guarantee the performance of any third party and to the extent permitted by applicable law shall not be liable for any act or default by a third party.
    10. Participants agree that they are familiar with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and other similarly applicable legislation, and shall not in connection with participation in the Program make any payment or transfer anything of value to, offer, promise or give a financial or other advantage to, or request or agree to receive or accept a financial or other advantage from, either directly or indirectly: any government official or employee (including employees of a government corporation or public international organization), political party, or candidate for public office; or to any other person with an intent to obtain or retain business or gain an improper business advantage.
    11. HPE reserves the right to limit or cap the amount of Program benefits available under any given sales incentive initiative implemented under the Program, effective immediately upon notice of the limitation, cap or change.
    12. HPE reserves the right to review, modify, extend or discontinue any and/or all aspects of the Program at any time.
    13. Neither party will incur liability to the other for claims arising solely out of the cancellation of this program. Except as provided in this document, all other terms of any agreements that Partners may have with HPE shall remain in full force and effect.
    14. Dollar values corresponding to individual prize rewards include the cost of shipping and handling, applicable sales taxes, and any other associated costs of handling within the Asia Pacific region unless otherwise stated will be charged to the Participant upon redemption.
    15. Agent sales may not be eligible for Program rewards. Where eligible for Program rewards permit Agent sales eligibility under a specific sales incentive initiative implemented under the Program, Agent sales claim documentation must be accompanied by a commission statement or HPE Direct invoice showing the product was sold to the customer listed on the claims. Please refer to the reward specific Terms and Conditions to determine whether agent sales qualify. Bulk claiming Partners are not eligible to claim for Agent sales.
    16. If product is returned, the reward may and or can be deducted from future reward earnings.
    17. A contractual change in a Partner's status as an HPE authorized Partner may restrict or eliminate the eligibility of the Participants employed by that Partner for rewards under the SPIF Program.
      • HPE will stop distributing Rewards to any Participant(s) upon termination or expiration of such Partner’s PA. Upon termination or expiration of a Partner’s PA HPE will notify the Partner with respect to pending payments for transactions which were completed prior to the date of termination or expiration.
      • Any Claims based upon transactions conducted after a Partner’s authorization has been terminated and or expired will be denied. All other terms of Partner's PA and related conditions apply.
    1. In order to avoid actual, potential, or apparent conflict-of-interest situations, Participants are not authorized to claim Program benefits, and Partners will not allow its sales representatives to claim Program benefits in connection with sales to specific end-user customers to whom the Partner owes a duty or obligation to provide advice regarding the purchase of the Eligible Products at issue, or where the collection of Program benefits would otherwise be prohibited by, or result in the breach of any law, regulation, or contractual obligation.
    2. Partner and Participants represent and warrant that no part of the Program Benefits will be used as bribes, kickbacks, illegal gratuities, or other corrupt payments or inducements to secure an undue business advantage.
    3. Rewards once redeemed are considered income for tax purposes. Participants are responsible for all taxes which may be assessed on Rewards.
    1. HPE reserves the right to review, modify, extend or discontinue any and/or all aspects of the Program at any time.
    2. Neither party will incur liability to the other for claims arising solely out of the cancellation of this program. Except as provided in this document, all other terms of any agreements that Partners may have with HPE shall remain in full force and effect.
    3. In the event of any cancellation, Participants will have up to sixty (60) days to submit a claim for sales activities which have been placed prior to the cancellation date. A credit up to the available balance of the Members account will be applied. Any unclaimed Points remaining after the sixty (60)-days submission period shall be automatically forfeited. Unclaimed Points shall not be reimbursed in any form and no cash payments will be made.

This Program shall be governed and construed by the laws specified in the Participant’s currently valid HPE Partner Agreement and be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts stated thereunder.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has the final decision regarding all decisions related to the Program.